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Horse Mesa Press

Introducing my imprint for self-publishing:

#1 Amazon New Release in Asian and Contemporary Poetry, Japanese Poetry & Haiku, and 45-Minute Teen & Young Adult Short Reads.

Available Now on Amazon Kindle:

In Japan, tsukimi (moon gazing) is an annual Harvest Moon Festival celebrated in September. Dating back centuries, when the noble classes composed music and poetry while viewing the full moon, the festival now includes everybody and marks the celebration of the autumn season. Looking for the “rabbit in the moon” while picnicking under the stars, appreciating the moon’s sacred splendor, giving thanks for bounties received, and looking forward to a prosperous future make this a special event. The 62 haiku in this digital chapbook celebrate all seasons and all aspects of life, with the last chapter dedicated to moon gazing. Enjoy the fun!

Ariel's Song is a collection of intensely personal poems written between 1987 and 2023 that features various styles and themes, from twisted limericks that make you laugh to traditional sonnets that make you think and feel the world around you. There is something for everyone to enjoy: dark poems, love poems, nature poems, funny poems, poems about death and grief, poems about abuse and heartache, children's poems, and experimental poems. Available in paperback and Ebook on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Lulu, Walmart, Kobo, Smashwords, and more! Amazon Link:

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